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Different Socks
11-12-2013, 19:42
No sunrise or sunset to see today, BUT.........if clear skies tomorrow morning and Thurs morning, I will try to find and see 4, yes that's right .....4 comets in the eastern sky!! Plus Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.
Wish me luck!!!

Gotta work grave yard shift after Thur morning, but if you have clear skies, go out before sunrise and try to find them.

Comets are: Lovejoy, Enke, Ison and Linear.

11-12-2013, 19:49
Cool, hadn't heard this!

11-12-2013, 20:34
Stargazing apps are reason enough for an Ipad.

Here is what the sky looks like at 5 am.

11-12-2013, 20:36
And this one is even better.

11-12-2013, 20:36
Cool beans! Thanks DS!

Wise Old Owl
11-12-2013, 21:06
Doesn't appear to pan out.... maybe it's me


Wise Old Owl
11-12-2013, 21:08
Ok I lost my edit and you need binoculars

Wednesday, November 13
Go out very early this morning or Thursday morning to try for the four pre-dawn comets while the sky is still moonless (see the top of this page). Print out your charts and get everything prepared the evening before. As dawn begins to brighten and you're packing up to go back in, don't miss Mercury rising low in the east-southeast. Mercury, brightening each day, is entering its best dawn showing of 2013.

Different Socks
11-12-2013, 21:37
Use this star map


Different Socks
11-13-2013, 11:24
No such luck on the comets this morning. I think I have to go out even earlier to see them, so the plan is to be out there at 4am tomorrow. I had alittle trouble getting myself orientated to the sky b/c of the few clouds in the east--of course. But I did see Mercury, bright and sparkling Sirius, Jupiter with 3 moons and a few other things. Plan today is to go out after sunset with a better sky map and get orientated. Then hope for clear skies in the morning to look for the comets.
I did wait 20 min for the sunrise, so here ya go!24844