View Full Version : WhiteBlaze or Sgt. Rocks?

01-09-2003, 10:28
What is going to be the main forum for former/current whiteblaze members?

I think I will be discontinuing my use of Sgt. Rock's forum, and posting exclusively here once again. No offense Sgt. Rock!

I'll copy some of my posts over.

01-09-2003, 10:51
I am not sure what there going to do, AT Troll can probably fiil you in better, but I know Rock is not around for a few days and AT Troll wanted to talk to him about which forum they will save and use. Its probably better to post at Rocks till it is figured out. This is basically open so folks can read old posts and access the gallery till they decide what to do. All I really know through my conversation with AT Troll last night is that I will be transfering this server space to him and the content on it.

SGT Rock
01-09-2003, 12:39

I'm in from the field for an hour to check e-mail (computers run the Army too) and pick up the snail mail for the Troopers. On a side note I was testing a sleeping bag last night and froze my ass off in mild weather. Review will follow later.

Anyway, this is the deal as far as I can tell since I haven't read my e-mail or talked to either Troll or Easy, but have read their posts and talked to my wife.

1. Whiteblaze.net is THE SITE. Easy is still the man, and he is a stand up guy. Y'all should send him a thank you note. He was and is still one of my heros for making this site, and will probably make SFC in the SGT Rock Hall of Honor.

2. This is not SGT Rock's or Troll's site either. IT is the Whiteblaze.net and blelongs to about 500 members or so. As much as it feels good to get a pat on the back, please refrain from making the site about either Troll or I. I still think one of the smartest things Easy did was go with the name Admin and refuse to disclose who he was.

3. I had a forum before all this started called "Around the Campfire" that was for asking about equipment reviews, stoves, etc. The forum was on EzBoard which sucks. I was spoiled by vBulletien and already have it installed, so my wife told me she was going to buy me a site license (man I love her), so I will not take down that forum, but I will change it around to what I used to have. Feel free to ignore that forum if you want to, Hiking H.Q. is my site just like Maine Trails is Trolls site. We both will continue to have our sites to be about what we want, but WhiteBlaze is the site where you can freely discuss AT hiking with cell phones, dogs, PDAs, guns, butt plugs, etc.

4. This is the best part as far as I'm concerned - lets not continue to harp on the subject and get back to discussing Tarps vs. Tents and why the MSR Whisperlite is better than an alcohol stove.:D

01-09-2003, 14:05
We now have full control of “whiteblaze.net”. When I say full control I mean we have everything turned over to myself and Rock. We are the only ones that have access to the Admin section right at this time. We will be very careful on whom we give and if we ever give Admin controls to anyone. We learned from past experiences. I am not pointing fingers. This is mainly to let everyone know that “whiteblaze.net” is back online.

Me and Rock have talked and have decided to go one more time with trying to get this site rolling smoothly. The domain name is a great name for what it was designed for. The user names are still in the data base. Last count was 497. We did not want to make everyone start over again. All the messages are still there. The Photo Gallery is still there. All the right reason for giving it one more shot was there. So we had to try at least one more time.

We change the colors to a brownish gold for the time being. We need to find a good smooth color for the eye’s let me know what you think of this color or if you have any suggestions.

I would like to think Easyhiker one more time for making this all possible. Without him this would never have come to be.

Trail Dog
01-09-2003, 14:31
I'm glad its back i was worried for a while. the color is a bit unsettling if you really want to know. I like green and white, but thats just me

01-09-2003, 15:37
Easy you have contributed a great deal to the AT by creating a forum which supports open dialogue. More importantly, you have preserved it by passing the torch instead of snuffing it.

I feel that I speak for everyone here when I say that we're thankful for your understandably tough decision, and hope that whatever problems you do have in life you get some help for. Everyone here on this forum supports you as well.

Long live EasyHiker!

Hammock Hanger
01-09-2003, 20:32
which is good, cuz I made a N-Year's resolution NOT to spend so much time on the computer in 2003. -- As for the color, I liked the baby poo green better then the I've got the hersey squirts brown!! HH