View Full Version : Anyone Else Doing the Great American Teach-In ?

Old Hiker
11-21-2013, 08:08

Hope others are taking an hour or day to show kids what we do. I take a majority of my gear in to my Science classes and show what has changed, what I use, technology, etc. as well as letting some of the Title 1 kids see what is outside of their neighborhood.

I have a cast-iron cook set from the OLD Boy Scout days compared to a Ti set now, down bag vs. wool blankets, etc. for example.

I do want to thank a LOT of you who post videos, pictures, etc. that I show as I do this. The scenery, people, places, wildlife are eye-opening to a LOT of my kids, many of whom have never been to the beach that is about 15 miles away. Amplexus' "Half-Way There" is always a hit. They are shocked and amazed at the shorts. This from the guys who can't keep their pants up !! :eek:

If you didn't do it this year, please think about next year.