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Chicken Feathers
11-21-2013, 18:01
Has anyone used the new Enigma quilt? They are new and maybe no one has tried.

Chicken Feathers
11-21-2013, 18:02
Has anyone used the new Enigma quilt? They are new and maybe no one has tried. forgot please share your experience with quilt and is it worth the price?

11-22-2013, 17:52
Enlightened Equipmant has an excellent reputation, and Relevation has lots of glowing reviews inthe REVIEWS section. But being this is a brand new model, you'll have to decide whether you want to be the guinea pig or not.

From my perspective, I never had trouble with my down quilts/bags getting wet. So paying an extra $100 for water proof down isn't worth it for me.

11-22-2013, 21:49
The sealed baffles, sealed footbox and waterproof down make it more foolproof. That's good for some folks. It also makes it less flexible, and that's bad for me. It's lighter than the Revolution and RevX, so some people may accept the compromises for the weight savings.

Even if the quality if perfect, whether or not it suits you depends on what you need it to do.

11-23-2013, 01:24
I believe the down cost is the same.
The bag is more expensive because....it can be.

Seems to me a sewn footbox takes away the best attribute of a quilt, temperature flexibility.
Sure its extremely light. Not sure if that is worth the less flexibility though.
The vertical baffles will stop down shifting. I havent really had any problems with that though.
Im pretty satisfied with the revelation series.

11-23-2013, 07:28
I seriously considered getting one for the aspects of the weight, water resistance, and simplicity. In the end, I couldn't justify the expense when revx's were on sale for $160.