View Full Version : MLD Solomid vs. Zpacks Hexamid

11-23-2013, 20:15
Thoughts between the two? I like the Hexamid's attachable bathtub ground cloth, which I didn't see that you could buy on the Solomid, but I think I like the Solomid's inner bug net better. Which one do you guys think?

11-24-2013, 13:59
I love my Hexamid with attached bugnet. For me it's the perfect shelter. Depending on the type of trip and expected weather conditions, I use a polychro ground sheet, the lightweight cuben bathtub from Zpacks, or the poncho-groundsheet from Zpacks. Can't comment on the Solomid.

11-24-2013, 14:15
Is there a weight or price difference between the two? Pardon my ignorance, but "perfect shelter" got my attention.

11-24-2013, 16:58
Both are going to be great shelters, I'm sure you would be happy with either. The one advantage to the Solomid is greater protection from the elements. If you frequently are out in heavy snow and strong winds, that may be a more suitable option. If not, the Solomid may be overkill for your needs. If you like the option of having an inner net, check out this write up on using a Hexamid Solo tarp with a SMD Serenity net tent.


11-24-2013, 17:29
Used the Z-P heximid for my thru - worked perfectly, there were some situations where I needed to 'shore up' some exposure but to me it was a work or art, yes it was not perfect but, it was perfect enough to expect reasonable imperfection and have never left me in a bad situation.

I have no idea of the MLD solomid Perhaps it will wipe your a@@ fter *****!ing and get you a cup of coffee every sunrise. Or just be better then then Z_P heximid.

11-24-2013, 18:46
Will you ever want to sleep out with just bug protection? That is the advantage of the solomid, flexibility to use just the net inner. Is it important for you, maybe not, but its a show stopper for me. I only like to setup a shelter if its raining.

11-25-2013, 07:31
I have a Z pack hexamid twin tent with screen and xtended beak. Hard to get the tent to the ground for rain situations and still have your head or feet not touching the tent. For that reason I usually take my Z lite instead of a neoair, in cold wet weather. Rain will also run down the netting so any ground cloth must be inside the tent. Evidently this is being addressed by the inclusion of the cuban ground clothes, with attached screen tents. Z-Pack has added more choices since I purchased two years ago, also increasing the head and foot room and options for taller people.

It appears the MLD has a return policy for the Silnylon solo-mid, check it out.

Head and foot room for a large bag would be my biggest concern. No fun having your bag soaked from hitting the condensation.