View Full Version : January 3-4 day 40 hike with dog in Shenandoah national park suggestions or rte advic

11-24-2013, 19:17
Looking to spend 2-3 nights this Dec/jan on trail in SNP with my jack Russell. Any loop advice. Would like to stay away from crowds and plan to tent only...micro spikes needed?

11-24-2013, 21:44
I don't think you have to worry about crowds that time of year. Due to the short days and the holidays, it tends to be pretty slow in the woods in Dec and early Jan. And that's without factoring in the snow and cold.

Might be a good idea to bring traction with you. Impossible to tell what the conditions will be until you get there. Be prepared for anything, so bring everything and decide what you need when you get there.

11-24-2013, 23:01
For starters just in case you didn't know. The park will often close the Skyline Drive to vehicular traffic periodically due to inclement weather or the mere forecast of incoming winter weather. No worries if that happens, hike in from the outside and enjoy having the park practically to yourself. Now ...your hike is depending on the just stated facts I mentioned. Since the longest hike in the southern section that is worthy of a mention is well short of your specifications , I'll toss out the prospect of using the AT corridor as a bridge to connect two of my favorites in that southern district. The first is the Furance Mountain/Trayfoot Mountain loop hike that takes you along Madison Run were streamside camping is plentiful. That hike is also great with views from atop Trayfoot , and Blackrock summit. The other favorite is the Wildcat Ridge/Riprap Trail that includes views from Chimney rocks and the best dang swimming hole(I wouldn't think it a good idea in Jan) in the park. Both hikes combined using the AT will keep you hiking for days. The Trayfoot hike is previewed here : http://www.midatlantichikes.com/austinmt.htm Also ; Bring microspikes as water freezing and refreezing is a real possibility during the winter when nighttime temperatures are below 32* for extended periods of time. And like I stated on the other post, a down 10 degree bag is needed just in case the weather does get colder after hitting the trail.

11-26-2013, 10:53
thx, I like your idea. Shuttles tend to be a pain almost like trying to get a trip planned w others. Why I always hike alone with the mutt.. Come to think of it I also tend to hike the standing indian loop often !!! No shuttle!. I would love more info and map reccs for area.. Thx