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slow mind
11-27-2013, 12:39

11-27-2013, 12:49
This one is a little out of my price range: http://www.hoosierhillfarm.com/Hoosier-Hill-Farm-Chocolate-Espresso/dp/B00B5DB06E

slow mind
11-27-2013, 12:54
Some people must be wild about coffee beans!
I bought the powered milk & the dried Kiwi/strawberry mix, both are fantastic

Train Wreck
11-27-2013, 15:27

So this is the source of all the orange Cheetos ;)

Seriously, this looks like a pretty good resource for dried & powdered foods. Bookmarked it.

Rolls Kanardly
11-27-2013, 17:24
Powdered creamy cheese, butter blend, honey, eggs, sour cream and peanut butter. Now that is going to lighten the load.

Pickled Red Beet Egg Powder, not thru my lips.

Powdered Spinach, just what we need, a hiking version of Popeye running up and down the trail.

Prices may look a little steep but my kitchen has other brands of some of the items on the Hoosier Hill Farm website and the prices are okay for what you get. I switched over to powdered buttermilk a long time ago and now always have it on hand. Powdered butter works okay in mixes as does the powdered egg.

Anyone tried a cheese powder? One brand of mac and cheese was my favorite and it was a powder.

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slow mind
11-27-2013, 17:30
Most of them are also available on Amazon & qualify for Prime.