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Papa D
11-27-2013, 21:48
As some may know, I'm re-hiking the trail. I do it mostly in big sections.
Tomorrow, I'm skipping out on the traditional family stuff and hiking in NC -
I'll be at Jerry Cabin Shelter tomorrow night - I expect snow and night temps
in the mid-teens. I might build a little fire. If anyone is game, join me. I'll
be hiking in from Devil Fork Gap and then hiking back out on Friday - probably
staying at Flint Mtn Shelter on Friday night. I'll have a 0 deg bag, down jacket,
and pretty much the works when it comes to winter gear and suggest the same
for anyone interested - - I might get a crazy person like Tipi Walter to respond
to this. :)

Teacher & Snacktime
11-27-2013, 21:51
I'll respond....but unfortunately can't join you. I wish I could though as I suspect your time will be more fun. Anyway, I wish you the best of Thanksgivings in a beautiful place. (and I hope someone shows up to celebrate with you)

11-27-2013, 21:52
happy thanksgiving papa d

Papa D
11-27-2013, 21:55
Thanks - - I like the prospect of solitude - - if my family would let me (and they won't), I think it would be cool to be somewhere really remote on Christmas Eve night - - like Joyce Kilmer Wilderness - - - bet Slickrock Creek and Wildcat Falls have never been jumped in and swam on Christmas Eve - - - brrrrr - - - just the thought chills to the bone (but if you had a big campfire at the nearby campsite and a shot of liquor, I might do it and run to the fire) woo hoo

11-27-2013, 22:07
Maybe next time. I'm hiking from Sams Gap - Hot Springs in a couple of days.

Papa D
11-27-2013, 22:11
Maybe next time. I'm hiking from Sams Gap - Hot Springs in a couple of days.

nice - - I'll leave you a shelter journal note. Sometime last winter, I hiked into Jerry Cabin from a side trail and did a little clean-up there and then hiked to Hot Springs. The folks at Hemlock Hollow (near Log Cabin Road) just before Allen Gap are great if you plan a stop - - I didn't stop last time but have been there before.

11-27-2013, 22:28
No stopping on this trip. But someday I hope to check out hemlock. Looks like some night hiking too this trip :)

Feral Bill
11-27-2013, 22:31
I'll be thinking of you at our family table. Do enjoy your Holliday your way.

11-27-2013, 22:57
Have fun Papa D... I know The Cleaner went up there and chopped some wood for Jersey's Cabin recently! :)