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11-28-2013, 06:17
I bought a set of guide books and maps so I'll have to send them back and forth, might as well send a few other things too. I'm thinking spices & beef jerky, what else do you suggest ?

11-28-2013, 08:58
toilet paper.high dollar soft toilet paper. you cant buy singles unless you buy stuff made by sand paper companies. pull out the cardboard center and vac seal them. they shrink down to about half inch thick.makes them easier to fit in mail drop box.

11-28-2013, 09:13
I timed my three AT guidebook drops to go with my new shoes.

I included new socks. I added a bottle of permethrin in one drop to treat clothing for tick season.

Leave the box unsealed and give it to a loved one to mail, and perhaps they'll add some fresh baked goods or other appropriate gift.

11-28-2013, 12:31
I did mail drop extensively on my PCT thru. Here are some of the items that I regularly put in my resupplies other than food.
- foot powder
- laundry detergent (if I knew I was in town with machine.)
- permethrin (to retreat clothes at KM)
- few rubber bands
- couple of wire ties.
- toilet paper
- wipes
- sunscreen
-insect repellent
-shoes and socks (two pairs of socks with shoes.)
-map set and data sheets.

not every resupply had all items and many of the items I didn't need. I kept all the repair item and first aid in bags that just got switched out at the resupply. I erred on the side of sending unneeded things. because I was on a very tight schedule time was much more valuable than the expense of giving away brand new Ultimate Lithium batteries. I'm sure there were happy hikers following behind me.

max patch
11-28-2013, 13:11
qtips, ziplocks

11-29-2013, 13:00
Olive oil in either DIY seal-a-meal packets or in small plastic bottles. It's very hard to buy it in small containers in stores.