WhiteBlaze User Rules/Agreement

These rules are designed to make WhiteBlaze useful and enjoyable. Please follow them. As you do, please keep in mind that the purpose of WhiteBlaze is to foster a sense of friendship and community among its members. Behavior that is contrary to that sense of community is not welcome here, and will not be tolerated by WhiteBlaze.

    1. The overall goal of WhiteBlaze is to allow the open discussion of topics that a person interested in hiking may need to know. This includes the families of hikers, trail maintainers, trail angels, researchers, service providers, and any other individual interested in hiking. The goal is the positive exchange of information between users.
    2. Offensive posting is not allowed. That includes use of illegal substances, racism, sexism, or posts that ridicule, belittle, taunt, mock, or assault the character of other members. Our policy does not protect people that choose to verbally assault other members that may disagree with them. In essence members can disagree but should remain respectful of the person they disagree with.
    3. Topics that have been closed, deleted, or moved by an Administrator or Moderator have been done for a reason. Users will not open new threads on the same subject or continue to make posts about subjects that have had these actions taken. Failing to comply with this policy can result in being placed into moderated status.
    4. Discussions involving how to commit illegal acts, or involving the use, production and/or distribution of illegal drugs are forbidden.
    5. Do not post inflammatory messages, spam, “off topic” posts, or hijack topics.
    6. No commercial posts are allowed, and spam is forbidden in both forums and private messages.
    7. Signatures should be composed of the default font size or smaller and should be 10 lines maximum(including lines of spaces) when viewed at 1152 x 864. Signatures should not include ascii made images. Colors and links (in accordance with Board Rules) may be used. Signatures should conform to the normal Board Rules regarding content. Any signature seen as being overly long or of an offensive nature etc is liable to be removed without notice. Inflammatory Political Statements or Quotes (as Perceived by the WhiteBlaze Administrators) are not permitted in signatures and will be removed. WhiteBlaze Administrators will have the final say over what is deemed offensive.
    8. Posts become the copyright property of WhiteBlaze. Please don’t use them elsewhere. Please don’t post items here that are copyrighted elsewhere.
    9. Violations of these rules can include deletion of a post or other item, a closure of threads or forums, a “time out” imposed on a member’s ability to post messages, or a ban from WhiteBlaze. Members may be warned in advance, but actions may occur without a warning.
    10. If a user is found by one of the Administrators of WhiteBlaze to be in violation of these policies we reserve the right to place that member into moderated status. This means their posts will not appear until an Administrator approves them. They may even be disapproved based on content, intent of the post, or the probable response to the post. Verbally abuse, attacking or being combative with Administrators of WhiteBlaze will also not be tolerated. Administrators are the final arbitrators of what is considered to violate this policy. Warnings will normally be given prior to putting a user into moderated status, but as a policy - no prior warning is required.

    11. Users that bypass security procedures or actions by Administrators will be banned.
    12. Users that Spam the board, create or use alternate identities to bypass moderated status, or are found to be in gross violation of the Terms of Service agreement will be banned immediately.
    13. Users that cause significant disturbances, are repeated violators of the Terms of Service, or routinely create issues without contributing to the site's main theme of helping other hikers prepare for hiking the AT - they can be considered for banning by the Administrators for due cause. Members being considered for banning will be notified by PM or e-mail of this action.
    14. Donating members do not gain any special consideration or protection from these actions. A donating member must abide by the same rules set forth for any other member.
    15. If a user believes a violation of WhiteBlaze Rules has occurred, they should advise a Moderator or Administrator by a Private Message (“PM”) with a link, if possible, to the post in question. If it is a post you want to refer to them please click on the report post icon in the post in question.
    16. Decisions of the Administrators are final. Administrators may make any decision they believe appropriate for the good of WhiteBlaze in situations not covered by these rules.
    17. Threats are absolutely unacceptable. Anyone posting a message that contains a threat to another person or their property will immediately be moved into moderated status. The posting, and all other posts made by the offender in that thread will be deleted. Please be aware that moderators can not determine when a threat is made in jest. Neither can many users; so simply do not make them. If there is a second offense it will terminate the offender's participation on WhiteBlaze. All posts, pictures, or contributions of any sort will be deleted


Copyright notice

All content posted on the message boards and gallery of WhiteBlaze are the exclusive intellectual property of WhiteBlaze and the poster. Copyright ownership resides in that content by WhiteBlaze and the poster. Anyone other than WhiteBlaze seeking to reprint, republish, or reproduce content posted on the WhiteBlaze message boards must receive the express written permission from the Webmaster of the WhiteBlaze forum in which the content was posted or the poster.

Meaning: if Joe Smith wants to use another member’s photo or material they posted. They must ask the permission of either said member or WhiteBlaze. Only said member or WhiteBlaze can authorize Joe Smith to use the photo or their material from their post. WhiteBlaze will not release any of the member’s photos or posted material without first trying to contact the member and getting their permission.

Account Deletions

We do not delete accounts on this web site. It is not that we cannot, it is because if we do it disrupts the thread content. Also if we delete your account and someone else logs on and uses the same user name that you have then other people may assume it is you.

I am not trying to sound rude because this is not how I mean this to come across but I do not know of any other way to stay it. If you do not want to participate in this web site no more than just do not log onto the web site any longer.

If you are not going to participate on the site any longer and want to stop receiving emails and private messages and any other traffic from this web site then you need to do the following steps.

Log onto the web site with your user name and password. Go to this URL http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/profile.php?do=editoptions Make sure all the check marks are removed in all the questions in the “Messaging & Notification” options boxes Go to this URL http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/subscription.php If anything shows up under “Subscribed Threads in Folder” then you need to put a check mark in the box to the right for each item and scroll down towards the bottom of the page and click on the drop down box to the right of “Selected Threads” and click on “Delete Subscription” and then click GO. You need to do this until everything is removed.

If you do all these steps then you should not receive any traffic from this web site anymore.