Forum Banners

    If you would like to a have banner space in the forums (top right) area of WhiteBlaze then we are now open to any company that is hiker related and their web site is G rated.

    Pricing: We have a monthly price of $50 per month. This will provide you with your banner space linking it to your web site. We also offer three month and one year specials, ask about them.

    Banner requirements: We require that you banner be no larger than 400 x 45 pixels. If you do not have a banner to use we can create a simple one for you.

    Banner rotation: The way the banner system works is that it is on a random rotating system. They will rotate with any other banners in the rotating block evenly. No one will get not more visibility then the other at this time.

    Banner start/finish: The way the banner system works is once we have received your banner. We will review it and make sure it meets our requirements. Once we decide that it meets these requirements then we will contact you for payment. Once payment is received we will place your banner in the rotation.

    Note: One month is equal to 30 days.

    If you are interested in having a banner on WhiteBlaze please send a message to Banners to let us know how to contact you via email so we can get the banner and links set up for you.

    Banners in the article section are totally different in size and pricing.

311 W Main St
Denmark, Me. 04022