WhiteBlaze Header/Logo progession
1st WgiteBlaze logo
The origanol logo. After site was turned over to present owners. The previous owner told us we could not us his logo anymore.

2nd WhiteBlaze logo
This was a quick makeshift logo to fill the logo void.

3rd WhiteBlaze logo
Removed the WhiteBlaze strip at the front of logo.

4th WhiteBlaze logo
More fine tuning.

5th WhiteBlaze logo
Trying to give it some color.

6th WhiteBlaze logo
Finally getting serious with the logo.

7th WhiteBlaze logo
This was the logo that was designed for the patches. We also had to make the previous logo smalled because it took up to much of the top of the page.

8th WhiteBlaze logo
Removed the WhiteBlaze.net because we had texted on the left of the screen stating the site name. We saw no reason to state it twice.

9th WhiteBlaze logo
Created color for the hikers.

10th WhiteBlaze logo

Added the WhiteBlaze.net into the logo again

11th WhiteBlaze logo

Came up with the new logo to represent WhiteBlaze. I added the view of McAffee Knob with it.
11th WhiteBlaze logo

The WhiteBlaze Logo.
11th WhiteBlaze logo


11th WhiteBlaze logo

Changed the header and added who we support.
11th WhiteBlaze logo

Had to make the we support area smaller because users with smaller computer monitors were having issues with it being to wide for there screen.