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Wise Old Owl

Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners, and necessity has made us allies. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder.
John F. Kennedy

  1. Another Cost for Thru Hiking - NH rescue fee

    Quote Originally Posted by Datto View Post
    You would not believe the number of unprepared people I saw in The White Mountains on my AT thru-hike who were completely incoherent, ice-covered and unable to speak due to shivering. I was wearing every stitch of clothing I was carrying (gobs of clothing, multiple coats, two pairs of gloves, long-johns, the works) and I still was frozen to the bone -- the tourists I saw were in T-shirts and shorts. They had come through the same raging storm where I had been literally tossed up off my feet and
  2. one of the Gaia founders

    Quote Originally Posted by TrailBehind View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Drybones View Post
    Anyone out there have experience with the Gaia GPS for Androids? A friend had it on his iphone a few weeks back when we did the Art Loeb Trail, kept us from getting lost more than once, impressed me so I put it on my phone today, now I have to learn to use it, looking for pros and cons here. Hopefully I can master it before we do the Foot Hills Trail this week end.
    So, I am one of the Gaia GPS founders, and to be honest with you, our Android app isn't as good as our iPhone app yet.
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  3. Leash your dog PLEASE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Old Owl View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Don H View Post
    Ever had a dog jump up on the picnic table and go for your dinner?
    Ever had a wet dog come into the shelter and shake water all over your sleeping bag?
    Ever had a dog try to bite you while your hiking?

    I have. I love dogs, I blame the owners.
    Really? No, I have not seen any of that ... must be a cyber hiking issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Don H View Post
    By far most of the dog problems I have seen are not owned by thru-hikers, but day hikers.
    The vast majority of dogs are well
  4. Knife or no knife

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Old Owl View Post
    Knifes as a cutting tools is an extremely personal decision based on the user, the situation and level of skill. No one should impress upon you what is “best.” Best is a relative term. There are countless varieties and uses. Knives are categorized into fixed or folding, full, partial or hidden tang, serrated or plain edge, stainless or carbon steel, etc. Entire volumes of books can be written about blade selection. All I will recommend is buying the best you can afford and buying quality. You will
  5. hikerboys cyber cafe

    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Old Owl View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Train Wreck View Post
    How do you manage that? Seriously? please don't be joking...
    No joke.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Premixed drinks can be had at any store nowadays.... Store the platy with Margarita frozen next to the water platy.... Cut the lime and rim it & salt micro cutting board ( I use a cutting sheet as a support to my pack from a $1 store.)
    GSI has nesting
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