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  1. Three-day shakedown hike

    states "A shakedown is a period of testing or a trial journey undergone by a ship, aircraft or other craft and its crew before being declared operational."
    That pretty much describes the purpose of my three-day, two-night backpack last week. during which I tested my "take-along" list, my equipment, and (most importantly) mySELF for ability to handle backpacking in 2013. I'm happy to report that this test left ...
  2. A pleasant walk occasionally interrupted - Part B

    > [Upper Goose Ponds Cabin] was a a place I didn't want to leave -- which may explain the next part of the story.

    I'm sure both of the people who actually read my journal entries have experienced paroxysms of anguish, waiting to hear what's "the next part of the story."
    It's actually pretty straightforward. On a day when I wanted to (again) get another early start to the day, I zipped off from UGPC with a burst of energy, both arms swinging along as they were both ...
  3. A pleasant walk occasionally interrupted - Part A

    The sport of golf has been described as, "A pleasant walk occasionally interrupted by a swing of a piece of metal."* My backpacking walk last week -- a measly forty miles from Dalton south to Highway 23 near Great Barrington -- can best be described as, "A pleasant walk occasionally interrupted by mosquitoes, blisters, scrapes, lack of water, heat, humidity, unfounded fears, and frightened goats." Indeed, I can only say that, if every hike were like these days, I might actually ...
  4. Hot in Connecticut, Part 2

    Last year, during another heat wave in Connecticut, I did a short section through the area.
    (BTW, sorry I typed "could" instead of "couldn't" -- if I could edit blog titles, I would).
    This time, however, for four days and 42 miles, I did REAL back-packing.
    Which is why, whenever I met a NOBO (I went south) who asked me, "How ya' doing?", I answered, "I'm surviving." ...
  5. Is a Gene Autrey song close enough of a description?

    Willie Nelson sang, "Just can't wait to get on the road again," -- which describes how I felt a week ago.
    Gene Autrey sang, "Back in the saddle again. Ridin' the range once more, toting my old 44, where you sleep out every night" -- which PARTIALLY describes my sense of accomplishment.
    I'm just not aware of any song that celebrates the joy of being out on the trail after too long of an absence, but any such song would describe my feelings perfectly.
    And last ...
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