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  1. Getting Back on the Trail -- So Far, So Good

    Disclaimer: this blog has nothing to do with hiking, but only the surgery I had to have if I wanted to continue to do so. Feel free to ignore if you have no interest in that.

    Although ANY arthroscopic knee surgery is something a White Blazer wants to avoid, the one I had today went about as well as anyone could expect.

    The lead-in to the surgery did NOT leave me impressed. The pre-operation sheet said that (1) I should make an appointment with my primary physician and ...
  2. Not the best timing

    2012 was going to be a year when I did more section hiking than in previous years. The simple fact is that I can not continue to hike a mere 100 miles or so on the AT each year -- which has been my average over the last five years or so -- and have any hope of completing all 2100 miles. At age 58, the math and physiology are pretty simple. Thus, Shuttle and I looked forward to a significant increase in both (1) backpacking treks in the manner of
    http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/entr...on-of-insanity ...
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  3. Mid-March is an unusual time for a "warm-up" hike

    But the weather was perfect, and I wanted to ensure that (1) my equipment was still present, operating, and organized; (2) my body was still operating; and (3) I hadn't lost my zest. Happy to report everything went well.

    Safest way to test all equipment is to do an easy overnight -- park at a trail head reasonably close to a shelter, hike there, spend the night, and return. Nothing fancy or strenuous, but that's the POINT. If something fails to work, or you forgot to pack something, ...
  4. Day Hikes in Maryland

    Continued a series of day hikes, each about ten miles, this time in Maryland and the southern part of Pennsylvania.

    As we have done many times, my "Free Shuttle Service With Benefits" would drop me off at one trail head and pick me up at the end of my hike. This has become far easier since we got cell phones, which we got ONLY because I needed a way to communicate (call for help?) while on The Trail. She would then go off and spend her money at thrift stores, buying items ...
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  5. They said it couldn't be done...

    And, for any sane person, they probably would have been right.

    BTW, who are the "they" who keep saying, "It couldn't be done"? Are they the same people who say things, for which people say, "You know what they say..."

    Anyway, what was attempted -- successfully! -- was a hike on the A.T. during last week's heat wave.

    Okay, it was a series of day hikes, during which I carried little more than water and a filter to get more ...

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