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  1. They said it couldn't be done...

    And, for any sane person, they probably would have been right.

    BTW, who are the "they" who keep saying, "It couldn't be done"? Are they the same people who say things, for which people say, "You know what they say..."

    Anyway, what was attempted -- successfully! -- was a hike on the A.T. during last week's heat wave.

    Okay, it was a series of day hikes, during which I carried little more than water and a filter to get more ...

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  2. The definition of insanity

    A saying FALSELY attributed to (at various times) a scientist of the 1900s, a humorist of the 1800s, a writer of the 1700s, and an Asian ethicist; states (something like) "Insanity is defined as trying the same experiment a second time and expecting a different result." It is with that saying in mind that I tried my second true backpacking adventure this last week. I'm glad to say I did a LOT things differently this time and (surprise!) I got a different result.

    No problem ...
  3. Based on my choices from a week ago, I nominate myself for "Bonehead of the Year"

    Firstly, I did NOT have the worst trail time ever. When my short section hike was over, all I had were insect bites.
    These were not mistakes of a careless newbie or lack of planning, prep, or thinking. I have (1) camped and hiked for decades, (2) day-hiked on the AT for years, and (3) done a few over-nights, to ensure I could do okay with just a pack.
    Nor was this over-ambition. For my first attempt at true back-packing, I chose a trip of about 45 miles of walking over four days walking ...
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