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  1. The definition of insanity

    A saying FALSELY attributed to (at various times) a scientist of the 1900s, a humorist of the 1800s, a writer of the 1700s, and an Asian ethicist; states (something like) "Insanity is defined as trying the same experiment a second time and expecting a different result." It is with that saying in mind that I tried my second true backpacking adventure this last week. I'm glad to say I did a LOT things differently this time and (surprise!) I got a different result.

    No problem ...
  2. Based on my choices from a week ago, I nominate myself for "Bonehead of the Year"

    Firstly, I did NOT have the worst trail time ever. When my short section hike was over, all I had were insect bites.
    These were not mistakes of a careless newbie or lack of planning, prep, or thinking. I have (1) camped and hiked for decades, (2) day-hiked on the AT for years, and (3) done a few over-nights, to ensure I could do okay with just a pack.
    Nor was this over-ambition. For my first attempt at true back-packing, I chose a trip of about 45 miles of walking over four days walking ...
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