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  1. Soaring to heights of mediocrity!

    As my previous two blogs have noted, 2017 has been a year during which I've done much better than average (well, at least FOR ME) in terms of daily mileage. Either my use of trail runners, OR my walking up & down stairs during the winter, has allowed me to very noticeably increase the number of miles I can walk in a day. Having concluded that I am no longer restricted to ten miles a day, I decided to plan for a fifteen-mile hike. As always, you can scoff at this low-ball plan, but this was daring ...
  2. It's gotta be the shoes!

    My last blog made note of the fact that I made exceptionally good time (well, at least for ME) during the hike. Since this was my first hike of the year – indeed, my first back-pack in almost 22 months – I doubted it could have been my building up strength over the summer. So I had to wonder – is there something causing me to gain speed in my hikes?
    An epiphany soon hit me, and my reaction was like the 1989 ad campaign
    http://images.jordansdaily.com/wp-co...es-t-shirt.jpg ...

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  3. Maybe I'm NOT like Officer Murtaugh!

    In the Lethal Weapon movies series, a running gag concerns Murtaugh, a police officer in his fifties. After getting into a highly dangerous situation, he would moan, “I’m getting too old for this stuff,” (the actual line doesn’t use “stuff”), and then Murtaugh would go right back into danger. Many times over the last few years, as I found it harder & harder to achieve even adequate daily mileage on The Trail, this line kept coming back to me – and, just like Murtaugh, I’d go right back to doing ...

    Updated 07-28-2017 at 20:43 by GoldenBear

  4. You choose a title! (Part 3)

    Pretty awful first day of hiking for me, wasn't it? Fortunately, my trip got a LOT better.

    I spent the next day visiting gift shops, bandaging up my leg gash, finding out that the state park charges $16 per person to visit The Flume, trying to soothe a sore throat, fruitlessly looking for moose along the Kancamagus Highway, and getting a meal at a fast-food joint with wifi. Between my throat infection, drinking cold soda, and the air-conditioning of the latter place; I began to shiver ...

    Updated 08-16-2016 at 14:34 by GoldenBear

  5. You choose a title! (Part 2)

    Continued from Part 1

    Once again, miscalculation. Liberty Springs Trail is just as full of rocks as the other parts I had walked on, my legs were more stiff than before, and my mouth was getting quite dry after drinking the last of my water. Thus, I still couldn’t travel downhill at a rate of even one mile an hour – I still had well over a mile to go when I lost all lighting (no moon out this night).

    Fortunately, I was smart enough to bring a flashlight on this “day” ...

    Updated 08-16-2016 at 14:24 by GoldenBear

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