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  1. You choose a title! (Part 2)

    Continued from Part 1

    Once again, miscalculation. Liberty Springs Trail is just as full of rocks as the other parts I had walked on, my legs were more stiff than before, and my mouth was getting quite dry after drinking the last of my water. Thus, I still couldn’t travel downhill at a rate of even one mile an hour – I still had well over a mile to go when I lost all lighting (no moon out this night).

    Fortunately, I was smart enough to bring a flashlight on this “day” ...

    Updated 08-16-2016 at 14:24 by GoldenBear

  2. You choose a title! (Part 1)

    I had several ideas for the title to this blog, but couldn’t decide which to use. If I thought anybody would take the time to respond to this blog, I might ask for a vote. Instead, I’ll just make it clear that my tales could be titled -
    “Better Late Than Never”
    “Not Ready For Prime Time (ie, the Whites)”
    “A Tale of Two Walks”
    “For Lack Of a Hiking Pole”
    “Quote from Lethal Weapon

    It is certainly a legitimate question on why I have no A.T. hiking ...
  3. Adding miles when I get the chance

    I started 2015 with some hope that I’d be able to get some miles both in Southwest VA and in the Whites. However, because I make a real effort to avoid walking for more than two days (out of five) in the rain, I always check weather forecasts to ensure that the area, in which I plan to hike, will be acceptably rain-free. Sadly, I just didn’t get a lot of weeks like that for the two areas I’d like to hike in – leading to significantly fewer hiking miles than I would have preferred. Thus, upon seeing ...
  4. Wimpy hike (Part 2)

    Thursday was going to be the day with maximum mileage, but it looked (and is) pretty flat once I got to Dismal Creek. What I didn’t plan for was THIS day being the day when thunderstorms hit. Considering how dry the area has been for the last month, and how distracting the sun had been for the last three days; I didn’t mind seeing clouds gathering, or hearing distant thunder. As the thunder grew louder, I knew I had to be prepared for the possibility of rain coming my way. When I saw a lightning ...
  5. Wimpy hike even by MY standards

    Over the years, as I have done 1172 miles via section hikes, I’ve made no secret of the wimpiness of my hikes. I’ve made it a point to avoid bad weather, large crowds, uphill walks (ie, I start my hikes at roads as high as can be driven to), days with lots of elevation changes, and hiking more than twelve miles in a day. I’m not the most ambitious backpacker, and sometimes my efforts to avoid difficulties have gone awry, but this combo HAS allowed to do achieve more miles than most people. This ...
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