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  1. Maybe I was too hard on myself

    In September of last year I stated that I was reconciled to two, undeniable facts

    Even though I am even MORE reconciled to the Phillies not winning the World Series this year, it seems that I might have been too pessimistic about my own capabilities.

    Due to my less than stellar performance last year, I concluded that I was going to have to work up ...
  2. We all have to (re)start somewhere

    I'm about as far from an all-year hiker as you can find. I definitely don't long hikes in the winter, and I don't even like to backpack in early spring or late fall.
    So how do I ensure that I'm ready for the rigors of The Trail after many months of avoiding it?

    I presently have a three-step process to test everything:

    Step 1) One night camping at a state park just a few hours from home. I force myself to use ONLY that stuff that I've placed in my backpack, ...

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  3. Halfway there after two more days of ultimate slackpacking!

    The most recent statement on the length of the A.T.
    gives an answer of 2180 miles.
    This means that section hikers such as myself have passed the half-way point once they have hiked 1090 miles. After my most recent multi-day hike, I calculated my total miles covered as 1081.8 -- meaning I needed just over eight miles to get to that half-way point.

    Due to my (basically successful) effort to minimize difficult hiking ...

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  4. Returning to New England, and a first time in New Hampshire

    This summer I have reconciled myself to two facts:
    1) the Phillies won't win the World Series in 2014.
    2) I'm not yet ready to hike the White Mountains.
    I arrived at both conclusions based on the lack of ability of specific people to do tasks required for these goals.

    I'll spare everyone -- myself included -- the details on how I came to conclusion (1).

    I reached conclusion (2) based on my lack of ability to handle significant elevations changes ...
  5. Hit a dry spell - Part 2

    When you last heard from me, I was Johns Spring Shelter, having seen a bear but not one place to get a drop of water. No surprise that I abandoned the idea of washing myself and my clothes; instead I resolved to get water the next day. Since I was the only there as it began to get dark, I planned on a quiet night under this roof.

    Then "Uncle," "Nephew," and "Niece" (U-N-N, for short) arrived.
    I like telling the truth -- and the WHOLE truth -- in ...
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