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  1. Not much Time

    I am sitting here at the house getting everything together. I can't stop loading and reloading my pack. My wife thinks I am crazy, I just say I love you. Kinda feel like a kid again, like I just got a new bike or something. I have made the choice to mail some food to a few places at the beginning. This will give me some more time to relax when I arrive to the locations, rather than have to go shop. My daughter does not really understand, I don't think. She seems to think that I will only be gone ...
  2. 2010 Hiking Gear list for the AT

    ULA Circuit= 2lb 2oz
    WM Alder MF= 2lb 2oz
    Gossamer SpinnTwinn= 9oz
    Ground Cloth +Stakes= 7oz
    Pack Liner Compactor Bag= 2oz
    Sleeping Pad= 8oz
    Total=5lbs 12oz
    DIY Bug net= 15oz (pick up when needed)
    Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles= 1lb 2oz (ducktape on both)
    NF Filght Searies Wind Shirt= 3oz
    Columbia Fleece= 8oz (no zipper)
    WM Vest= 7oz
    Silk Cashmere Shirt= 9oz (for sleep)
    Terramar Leggins ...
  3. Walking

    A thing we were born not knowing, a thing that came to us as we grew, walking, a thing that we take for granted, a thing some cherish. Walking.... why not running? We do now, everyday we wake we run, not knowing why or that we are. running, a thing not known when done now, STOP, try..... too just STOP, see if that is a thing we can learn. a thing we can remember, never forget, stop.... a thing we can learn, a thing never to forget.
  4. Dreams

    We all have them. Some are just a mere thought for a small segment in your life. Some are there for a longer time, some are forgotten. Than there is that ONE…. Just One dream that never goes away. It stays with you like the heat on a hot summer day. Like the cold on the coldest winter night, like the blue sky on a clear day. This is that Dream that One, you know that ONE that has not left your mind. Let this be the Best Dream ever come true. On the 11th day of March 2010 I will follow ...