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  1. Just Got Back from Southern North Carolina!

    Quote Originally Posted by jburgasser View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	12. View From Albert Mtn. Fire Tower Looking East.jpg 
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Name:	33. Siler Bald  Shelter Morning 3.jpg 
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Name:	76. Ickybod & Fenway at Wayah Bald Lookout Tower.jpg 
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Name:	150. To Fontana Marina.jpg 
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    Hi, this is Ickybod. My father-in-law, Fenway and I spent last week doing the 81 miles from the Deep Gap parking area in Southern north Carolina to Fontana Dam. What an awesome
  2. What section is easier

    If anyone has an opinion, I would appreciate it!
    What section is easier: The 93 miles from Amicalola to Standing Indian Shelter in southern North Carolina in 8 days or the 80 miles from Standing Indian Shelter to Fontana Dam in 6 days?
    I did the first section this year and the second section would be next year, but I'm wondering if I can make next year's goal considering what I did this year.

    Thanks, JB
  3. Questions thought of while on the A.T.

    I have a couple questions for anyone that may have answers:
    1. Why do my father-in-law's hands and fingers swell while hiking? After 10 mnutes of resting and the pack off his back he can feel a noticeable improvement. Are his shoulder straps too tight?
    2. I have celiac disease which means I can not eat foods with any sort of wheat, barley, malt, or oats. I have been able to find a store online that sells the "Mountain House" style of pre-packaged meals that are certified gluten-free ...