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Zippy Morocco

  1. We are Finished. Katahdin!

    Diddo and I finished our thru-hike on July 22. What a beautiful day. I didn't keep a blog here but Diddo kept an excellent one at

    Thank you all for the great info and support!

    Zippy and Diddo
  2. We are back!

    After 5 nights off Diddo and I are back on the trail at Sams gap. We were set to be away until April 8 but realized we could fit in about 50 more miles before Diddo leaves for a wedding. <br />
    <br />
    The plan is to hike Sam's Gap to Greasy Creek. Then drop Diddo In Knoxville. When she flies back in my parents will shuttle us back to the trail so that we can continue to Maine.<br />
    <br />
    It's been kind of a logistical nightmare but it keeps ...

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  3. A week off.

    Diddo and I are off the trail for 10 days. We got off at Sams Gap with 9 others the day all that snow came. Thank you Miss Janet for the ride! Most of those guys are already back out. Diddo has a wedding to attend so we decided to wait and resume our hike to Maine once she returns from Austin. 10 days and counting.

    It is hard to be sitting here in great hiking shape and not hiking. It's a little sad and a little exciting to know we will be getting back on with a new group ...
  4. Hot Springs

    We a are staying the night in Hot Springs and wondering if we should head out into the winter storm or not. Hoping tomorrow will bring some answers. So far it's been a great trip. Ready to move on down the trail.
  5. MYOG pot stand and priming pan

    Quote Originally Posted by Harald Hope View Post
    Just on the chance that someone might find these things useful for your own alcohol stove setup, here's two articles I did on how to make a priming pan for your stove, and also a fairly simple pot stand.

    This particular pot stand was made with titanium rod, to see how that works, but it's easy to use bike spokes, stainless steel too, and they are cheap and easy to find, either free off a trashed bike wheel, or very low price from a bike shop that sells them individually. Bike spokes
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