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  1. Still on the trail -- VA 60 (Lexington & Buena Vista, VA)

    I'm still on the trail and having a fun and rewarding time. I'm sorry I haven't updated anything over on TrailJournals.com -- town stops or either a whirlwind of activity (shower, laundry, resupply, etc.) or I just collapse and sleep. I have a written journal, though, so it's more a matter of me sitting down at the computer and keying it all in rather than me simply not taking notes.

    Anyway, I hit the 801.1 mile marker before I was picked up and taken to Harpers Ferry for the Memorial ...
  2. On the trail: 2 entries over on TrailJournals.com

    I'm finally on the trail, having made it from Amicalola Falls State Park to Hiawassee, GA. I've made tons of notes but am a little behind on getting journal entries written. I hope to catch up and will get them keyed in while in Franklin, NC.

    Anyway, you'll find my latest entries (3/6 and 3/7) over on http://www.trailjournals.com/hat.
  3. Katahdin is That-a-way!

    I am not making up the following conversation, freshly spoken this morning:

    "Yes, my name is ___ and I'd like to make a change to our [web & database] hosting account."
    "Sure thing, Mr. ___. Let me bring up your account. Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. ___, only the account's primary contact can make changes."
    "Uh, I see. Who is the primary contact?"
    "Let me see. --- Okay, Mr. ___. the primary contact is blank."
  4. And Here I Sit, Part 2

    Grrrrrrr. The weather is absolutely gorgeous outside. While I should appreciate the view from my upstairs window I can't help but think how much better the view would be from somewhere on the trail. With five days to go (again), I am more impatient than ever.

    At least I haven't touched my pack or other gear in two days, so maybe that's an indication of some amount of resignation that the trip will start at some point, I just have to sit back and let things come to me.

    What ...

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  5. And Here I Sit

    If all had gone according to the original plan, I'd be enjoying a great dinner at Amicalola State Park and Lodge right now and later on probably fussing with my gear one last time, anticipating an early start in the morning, up the Approach Trail.

    As it stands, I'm in my favorite chair by the fireplace, petting the dog, poking around on the 'Net, and congratulating myself on how well that bratwurst did on the grill, especially with the onions and tomatoes sizzling next to them.

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