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  1. If you passing through Dawsonville GA. I hope this will help someone

    Note: I'm not trying to drum up business for anyone with this post.

    I went out today to look at new boots. Living in Dawsonville I only have two choices without driving for a hour one way Walmart and North Georgia premium outlets.I always thought the Outlets are a joke not more then a tourist trap. Which it is for the most part. I went to the Timberland outlet planing to find what I liked then buy it of amazon. Only to find that it is a true factory outlet. I scored a pair of Belknap ...
  2. Not too far off

    Three years from today. My wife and kids will drive the seven miles from our home.To the Appalachian approch Trail.
    Where I will start the trip of a life time.

    Yes I said three years After three good starts that ended with me at home and off the trail it's time to do it right.

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