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  1. quick update on some major challenges

    Hi all. More of a quick shout out then a full update. Tomorrow marks one month on the trail for me.

    It appears that I have been traveling though some large challenges and that is much of the purpose of this note. At first it was very cold and snow. That was alleviated through becoming part of a group. Added to that was the high altitude which really effected me and limited my ability to recover from each days hiking.

    The cold and most of the high altitude behind me the ...
  2. out of the Smokies Starchild continues on

    Just got through the Smokies. While the trial itself was moderate,
    the continuous high altitude, especially when sleeping at 5000-6000 ft
    has not given me much ability to recover. As such I have worn myself
    out trying to get through and back to a lower elevation which is where
    I am now. It has also not given me much time to send these updates,
    nor much time for anything but moving and trying to sleep. To help
    speed recovery I am taking a 'zero' (zero AT miles) ...
  3. to NOC

    Hi from the AT

    When I write these updates or think what to include sometimes I expect more hiking related stuff. But there is a saying that hiking the AT is life simplified. So I do find much more to write about then just the stats and the scenery. But I made a effort to talk a bit about the hike itself here.

    Some of the hiking aspects are after 12 days on trail I covered about 139 miles making it from Springer Mountain GA to the NOC NC and 2 days away from the Smokies. ...
  4. day three. sleeping in luxury

    Hi from the AT. It is day three and 31 miles or 1.5% of the journey. This night I will be staying at a hostel took a shower and will be sleeping in a real bed. For the first two days hiker Earthgirl has been with me and had helped ease the transition from the old world I am leaving behind an the new one that I am beginning to experience. I thought as she drive away it would be a moment of pause known that my way back home was that trail thru the woods. I thought that I would feel very far from ...
  5. pre journey notice

    Hi from Starchild

    In a few more weeks, and only 2 more weekends left to try things out, I plan to be dropped off at the southern end of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in Georgia and start heading north towards Maine. That said I have never done anything like this before, though I know I am made to do this. It's quite a awesome thought when taken in it's entirety, and in many ways this is my first steps venturing out into the world as something I desire to do which I am implementing to ...
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