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Working on success for 2013 hike

My goalis to hike the AT and first I must get in some kind of physical condition wereas my chances are more than 1% as they are now. NO KIDDING

  1. I'm back

    It has been awhile. Unfortunately had some serious family problems which has cause my hike to be delayed untill 2014. However this will give me more time to prep. lol I am still walking every day I can and should have this mess cleaned up by the end of 2013. Well enough about that........ Good luck to all the 2013 hikers!!

    Updated 05-15-2013 at 13:21 by Sman

    From Plump and Sluggish to Slim and Swift
  2. Questioning my resolve

    18 December 2012

    Just got my five miles walk in today and stopped to chat with a good friend, her thoughts are in line with my wifeís. They both think I am out of my mind to even want to hike the Appalachian Trail and they both have reservations that I will be able to complete the trail. Not because I am not prepared, I have the gear, the time, and the money; but they question my resolve. Rightly so I guess, if you knew me, you would know I enjoy my family, being on thetrail for five ...
  3. Made it to 280lb today

    11 December 2012

    Made it to 280lb today and am walking with greater ease. Soon as hunting season ends I am looking forward to hiking some longer trails with my pack on. As for my gear I am happy with it; with the exception of my tentís weight, great tent, lots of room which I like. I do have a smaller tent which I used on my long bike trips, but it has room to lie down and that is it. Spending most of my time now making arrangements to leave my wife with as little to worry about as ...
  4. Reservations are made

    May not be the best plan but I did set dates for the start/end of my hike and made reservations for my wife to pick me up between Aug 26 to Aug 29th. She had to have time to put in for vacation. This will give me 161 days leaving March 18th to hike 2200 miles; (13.7 a day with no zeros). From all I read even with 10 zero days this should be doable at 151 days at 14.6 miles. Worst case, I will be in New England August 26 by walking or other means; reservations are made.
  5. Preparations for my 2013 hike is going well

    3 December 2012

    The preparations for my 2013 hike is going well, the route which I am going to take is still up in the air. Part of the hike which interests me is having the opportunity to meet new people so starting at Springer would definitely ensure this. However, the ideal of (Starting in southern Connecticut late April, hike south, reachingTroutville, Virginia (Roanoke area) late June. Hike from Katahdin south,reaching southern Connecticut end of August/ early September. Hike fromTroutville ...
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