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Son Driven

  1. Getting to the end of self

    I grew up with all the advantages of a strong Christian home with Parents & Grand parents who prayed for me until the day’s they where taken into their rewards… Grandmother Eva Petersen 06/1979, Mother Joanne Jelinek 12/2005, Grandfather Arnold Petersen 11/2007, and Father Robert Jelinek 12/2010. These are the four most influential people in my life. I speak of them in the present tense, because there teachings continue to influence me in my remaining time here in this life.

    In ...
  2. Available and Obedient - Son Driven

    The AT (Appalachian Trail) also known as America’s 2185 mile foot path. My journey of the AT began on 03/07/13 with the summit of Springer Mountain, GA. In July after having multiple issues with poison plant issues I got off the AT after completing 1177.9 miles. Using the down time I traveled using train, bus, and a shuttle service to get to Katahdin Mountain that I summited on 07/07/13. Then I hiked the 1008 miles back to the Historic Iron Bridge at Swatara Gap and finished the journey on 10/07/13. ...

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  3. Why the AT? Why now?

    While listening to the radio, several months ago, a conversation about the AT was going on, I was only half way listening to. Then the promptings began. I could do that. I have the time, money and health to hike the AT. A year ago I was delivered form a depression when I started working with the homeless in Minneapolis. Is this prompting from you Lord? Do you want me to be able to better identify with the homeless, by being homeless while on the trail. I have a history of not finishing what I start. ...
  4. Zero Days

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    Brother I commend you on taking the Lord's Day seriously. Christians like you are an endangered species in our open 7-days/week world. Its pretty simple taking a zero in the woods. Carry an extra day of food, and wherever you stop Saturday(shelter or campsite) that's where you'll restart Monday. Just be aware that afew places have rules against staying consecutive nights in shelters, or campsites (i.e. GSMNP you can't stay more than one night at any shelter).

    Neros into town are
  5. Son Driven

    Why Son Driven?,

    Father of three sons 30, 27, & 25. I am also a follower of Jesus Christ the Son of God. So I am Son Driven on two fronts.

    I am planning on doing a GA-ME thru, I am planning on being on Springer Mnt. by 2/22/13, depending on weather. I plan on Sunday's being zero days, and will write a short recap of my week on Sunday's, from this day forward.

    11/11/10 I was 257 pounds, diabetic, had gout, used a CPAP machine to sleep, and the Veterans ...