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Son Driven

  1. Getting to the end of self

    I grew up with all the advantages of a strong Christian home with Parents & Grand parents who prayed for me until the day’s they where taken into their rewards… Grandmother Eva Petersen 06/1979, Mother Joanne Jelinek 12/2005, Grandfather Arnold Petersen 11/2007, and Father Robert Jelinek 12/2010. These are the four most influential people in my life. I speak of them in the present tense, because there teachings continue to influence me in my remaining time here in this life.

    In ...
  2. Available and Obedient - Son Driven

    The AT (Appalachian Trail) also known as America’s 2185 mile foot path. My journey of the AT began on 03/07/13 with the summit of Springer Mountain, GA. In July after having multiple issues with poison plant issues I got off the AT after completing 1177.9 miles. Using the down time I traveled using train, bus, and a shuttle service to get to Katahdin Mountain that I summited on 07/07/13. Then I hiked the 1008 miles back to the Historic Iron Bridge at Swatara Gap and finished the journey on 10/07/13. ...

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