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  1. Advice to Future ATers from a 2014er

    Quote Originally Posted by Wired View Post
    Hi All,

    I did a post that I hope all of you will find helpful in your prepartions...Good luck!
    ~Wired PCT 2011, CDT 2013, AT 2014
  2. Android App: Appalachian Trail Weather

    Quote Originally Posted by Shutter View Post
    I wanted to make some of you all aware of an app I created a couple years ago to show weather forecasts based on specific locations on the trail.

    Simply enter the mile you're interested in, it'll show you the nearest 5 shelters, by clicking on a shelter it'll show you the weather forecast for that particular shelter. I base all forecasts on the GPS coordinates of each shelter as well as predict the actual temperature by calculating the difference in elevation from the weather station
  3. Published my AT book "Walking Upright" for free - read it here

    Quote Originally Posted by matt608 View Post
    Hello fellow woodland wanderers. 3 years and 1 month ago at age 21 I hiked North-South the entire state of Virginia on the AT. It was a life changing experience, as it is for many of us. For me it was especially so as I ended up with lyme disease and CFS, which I am still recovering from. But much more importantly it was a journey of deep awakening, as well as lots of fun! I was almost blinded in the Wilderness by exploding water purification chemicals, I encountered drunk hill-billies, bears,
  4. Smoky Mountain - weather forecasting website?

    Quote Originally Posted by Southeast View Post
    Here are all the links provided so far.
    NOAA website - historical data (HooKooDooKu)
    Intellicast for Great Smoky Mountains - (HooKooDooKu)
    http://www.outragegis.com/weather/grsm/ (Rainman)
    Kevin's post on NOAA 'Higher Summits' or 'Recreation' forecasts (Another Kevin)
    National Weather Service Recreational forecast (direct link to the GSMNP info from Another Kevin)
    www.raysweather.com (Alleghanian Orogeny)

    And thanks @lissersmith for giving us the
  5. Official 2014 Mileage from ATC

    Quote Originally Posted by Lauriep View Post
    The official mileage from Appalachian Trail Conservancy for 2014 is 2,185.3, a decrease of 0.6 miles. The mileage is collected every year for the Appalachian Trail Data Book, published by ATC. The 2014 A.T. Data Book (the 36th edition of the book) has been published and came in to ATC's warehouse in Kearneysville, WV and ATC's headquarters Harpers Ferry Friday (12/6).

    The official mileage is determined every year by ATC, gathering data from the 31 A.T.-maintaining clubs. Where there
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