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  1. Our Bear Song

    Snacktime and I did a couple of short hikes in the Shenandoah National Park last month, and we decided that we needed to be prepared for a bear sighting. We figured that screaming and yelling might not be the best approach since it may not have the desired effect of scaring a bear off but instead might be considered aggressive. So we decided to sing aloud should one of us sight one, thus alerting the other to the presence without any sudden loud sound or action (assuming our slightly off-key

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  2. Amicalola Falls

    I need to interrupt the chronology of our reports because I can't wait to tell everyone about today's adventure at Amicalola State Park near Dahlonega, GA. Because of the forced “easing up” I've been observing, this trip's activity level was reduced to nothing more than that of prologue to our hike to the Springer Mountain Terminus of the AT. As a great many AT thruhikers begin their journey at AFSP by passing through the archway and tackling the strenuous 8 mile AT Approach Trail, it seemed fitting ...

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  3. Irrational Fear

    Snacktime and I were hiking from Milesburn Cabin to Woodrow Rd. in So Pa. Just after we were dropped off, and while we were Deet-ing up on the porch of the cabin, a car rode past, then stopped a short way up the road. The occupants didn't get out; they did nothing other than sit in the car. For whatever reason, paranoia bordering on panic set in. Fortunately Snacktime was not affected, but when I brought out my knife and stored it somewhere accessible, along with the pepperspray, he commented "You're ...

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    No Hiker Left Behind....Part Two

    “What a beautiful day” Teacher started to say, as she reached out and hoisted her pack.
    Once it was lifted she squirmed and she shifted until it set onto her back.
    The pack weight was more than she'd dealt with before. “It's awfully heavy” she sighed.
    (Last night she'd been packing and sleep she was lacking and thus it had never been tried.)

    But Snacktime whose pack was secure on his back was already off at

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    No Hiker Left Behind....

    There are strange things done in the winter sun by the folks who lurk the blaze.
    The AT trails could tell some tales to astonish and amaze.
    The New York parks can host queer larks but the queerest they ever did see
    was that night in the dark in Harriman Park when Teacher wrenched her knee.

    Now Teacher Jeanne came on the scene of WhiteBlaze one year back
    with Snacktime Ed, a boy she's led through miles of wooded track.

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