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  1. AMC Hike at Monastery in Cumberland, RI

    "We're knee-deep in it now!"

    At least, that's what I was thinking yesterday, when we completed our first-ever hike in the snow. I can't say I'm a fan, but the location was beautiful and the company was great. We went out with members of our local AMC on a leisurely 2.5 miles. The snow had been tamped down by the leader and her husband the day before with snowshoes, but more than half of the hike was in 6-8" of unpacked heavy stuff. It was more strenuous than I had been ...

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  2. Eddie's Challenge II - An Appalachian Adventure

    Eddie's Challenge is an annual adventure undertaken by my grandson and myself as part of his homeschool curriculum. Last year we walked across our home state of Rhode Island (51 miles) over the course of five days. We studied the local history and geography of the towns along the way, and even incorporated a fundraising component that raised over $4K for our local animal shelter. Most of the walk was on bikepaths and roads, but the last 9 miles involved a wilderness hike on the Trestle/Hop River ...

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