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Journal Comments

  1. TREKMAN001's Avatar
    ... and all this time, I thought I was alone! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Luv2Bhiking's Avatar
    Amen!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. RADHiker's Avatar
    11) I reflect on every meal I cook deciding if it would be worthy of the trail.....every GORP recipe catches my eye.

    LOL...thanks for sharing!
  4. lynn523's Avatar
    These are great, Teach; thanks for sharing!
  5. myakka_'s Avatar
    Fear has a valid funtion. As long as it doesn't paralyze you or lead you to make mistakes, it is a good thing. There are a lot of folks who have simply disappeared because they didn't listen to that primal voice.
  6. Sacchoromyces's Avatar
    "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean someone isn't actually to to get you." - Unknown

    I'm not usually panicked about people in the woods, until it gets dark...
  7. HikerMom58's Avatar
    Wow... you are an amazing writer!! That's the most interesting journal I've read in a long time. I cannot believe all the twists & turns to make for a very eventful day!! HOW FUN!!
  8. hikerboy57's Avatar
    Of course you felt comfortable we're all family glad you had such a great time glad you met up some of the members here
  9. rocketsocks's Avatar
    Yeah Buddy! Ice cream...a hole half gal all to yourself..not bad snack time...sounds like you guys had a great time...wonderful! Way to go Teach!
  10. Teacher & Snacktime's Avatar
    Very different....and so much BETTER! I know also that quite a few folks out there would gripe about how "crowded" it was, but the largest part of our enjoyment of the trip was meeting all the different hikers. Beautiful views, fun rocks, great people....seriously, can you beat that?
  11. hikerboy57's Avatar
    glad you had such a great time!trail is a bit different than the internet ,no?
  12. Teacher & Snacktime's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by coach lou
    If you have any snacks left over, I can meet you on I-95, so you don't have to take them ALL the way back to Little Rhody!
    I'd have tossed some to you near the Old Saybrook exit, but we did in fact run out....imagine that.
  13. rocketsocks's Avatar
    Hey you made it...loving all the pictures, you guys sure did do a lots of hiking!
  14. Teacher & Snacktime's Avatar
    @Hikerboy....fun is the plan, thanks!

    @Coach...what kind of snacks did you have in mind? I could arrange to drop some off on our way back through CT.....I'm SURE I won't eat them all, though I can't speak for Snacktime....

    @Rocketsocks....we'll be hanging out in Hamilton Twp for the next couple of days, reading up on my Jersey lore...gotta get ready for my "guide" responsibilities on the Batona!
  15. coach lou's Avatar
    If you have any snacks left over, I can meet you on I-95, so you don't have to take them ALL the way back to Little Rhody!
  16. hikerboy57's Avatar
    have a great time.
  17. rocketsocks's Avatar
    Be careful out there, supposed to be real windy today, and above all else....have a great time!
  18. Teacher & Snacktime's Avatar
    Well, we'll be at Springer in 2014, probably around mid-April. If you're starting around that time and your grandson is with you, perhaps we can share some miles and the boys can experience the wilderness together. Glad you liked our post.
  19. erieite's Avatar
    Great post. I would like to do my thru-hike in 2014 and have my Grandson (age 12) join me for a week somewhere on the trail.