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  1. spe111's Avatar
    Thanks for the question.... I've been wondering the same thing.
  2. II DOGS's Avatar
    That is a very good question . Last time on the AT ( 20 yrs ago ) the shelters in Smoky Mtns Nt'l Park just had an old worn out spiral notebook to make entries in . Things have changed . It seems reasonable that the donor might donate filled books to the AT conservancy? They are of historical value for certain . I worked in power generation as an operator for 33 yrs . The company saved all the log books ever filled , back to plant start date .

    Happy trails !
  3. NY HIKER 50's Avatar
    I don't leave home without one. I use a gel pen since damp paper is hard to write on. I guess that the journal is only good for the time it's in a shelter and they never get archive by any of the clubs?
  4. sparky2000's Avatar
    The book has the donors name and address in it. Once full a volunteer
    hiker is expected to mail the book to the donor and someone will'
    donate a replacement. Pens can be a real problem SO bring your own.