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  1. Bearfence Hut, Spring, Scramble, and Alpha Gal

    This was a great hike in the Shenandoah National Park, from Big Meadows Campground to Bearfence Hut. It is approximately 15 miles round trip and has very little elevation gain / loss. I’d list this as being moderate if you include the “scramble”. More information on the scramble part of the hike can be found here: As usual, I’ve posting some videos showing the trail, the shelter, legal campsites along this ...

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  2. Appalachian Trail - Compton Gap to Gravel Springs - Columnar Jointing Formation

    This hike is in the northern most section of Shenandoah National Park and ascends Compton Peak where there is a unique rock formation called Columnar Jointing. I’ve included some links below describing the formation. The hike to visit the formation is 2.4 miles round trip and has 835 feet of elevation gain to hike. The parking is very good at mile marker 10.5 and the hike well worth it just to visit the rock formation. The hike guide can be found ...
  3. Section Hike - Ashby Gap to Manassas Gap - Dick's Dome and Whiskey Hollow Shelters

    Continuing my section hike of the Appalachian Trail Southbound, I decided to pick up where I left off at the parking at 601 near I50 and continue through Sky Meadows State Park to Dick’s Dome Shelter, the new Whiskey Hollow Shelter at the same location, and through to Manassas Gap Shelter. This leaves a small section between Jim and Molly Denton and the roadside parking at US 522 left for me to complete in this area. The trail up to Sky Meadows, ...
  4. Testing my "Chill Skills" as I continue to work my sections south.

    This past weekend I decided to try out some of my gear and techniques for cold weather hiking while grabbing another few miles in my sectioning southbound. The temps were forecast to be in the teens and did not disappoint! I parked at the I-66 trail-head parking at Manassas Gap and hiked south an easy 3 miles to the Jim and Molly Denton Shelter. The I-66 parking is very nice with a great trail head on the AT. I brought 2 sleeping pads with me. ...
  5. Lewis Falls Loop Hike - Shenandoah National Park @ Big Meadows / Appalachian Trail

    Continuing our journey south on the Appalachian Trail through Shenandoah National Park, we hiked between Big Meadows Campground and Rock Spring Hut and also extended a little south on a loop of the AT that went to Lewis Falls. This trail is a fairly steep 3.3 mile loop with just under half of it on the Appalachian Trail. This loop is definitely worth the walk. Lewis Falls is listed as an 81’ waterfall. It has a nice observation point that is not ...
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