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Journal Comments

  1. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the kind words!
    Quote Originally Posted by COMEBACK JACK
    Well done sir, you gave respect to one of my favorite sections of the trail.
  2. COMEBACK JACK's Avatar
    Well done sir, you gave respect to one of my favorite sections of the trail.
  3. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Thanks! I had fun with that. Hoping to get back up that way soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by AsoloBootsSuk
    Thug Life Snake, I love it
  4. AsoloBootsSuk's Avatar
    Thug Life Snake, I love it
  5. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Thank you - I really love these falls!
    Quote Originally Posted by middle to middle
    Great show,thans, I really enjoyed it.
  6. middle to middle's Avatar
    Great show,thans, I really enjoyed it.
  7. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment Rob! Hope to get back up there soon to continue North.
  8. BobbyNoel's Avatar
    Went back up Mt. Washington again last year, now 77 years old; this has been a zero year, I guess. I've enjoyed the video from Fort Lauderdale. Assume I'll see you at Mt. Washington and on to VT next. Thank you for the walk. Rob, Cheerful.
  9. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    I stayed overnight at Maupin Field Shelter - very nice area. lots of tent sites, privy, and bear bag pole all there. I was just there and it was open with lots and lots of people camping there.
    Updated 08-27-2018 at 10:05 by Kaptainkriz
  10. trailbird85's Avatar
    It is a beautiful area! I love it! Can you provide me with any information as to whether the Maupin Fields Shelter is still opened? I had heard through some articles that the Maupin Fields Shelter has been permanently closed- when you passed by in August was it still up and running? I use the bear pole for storing my food; but I haven't been to the Maupin Fields Shelter since April of '17

    Thanks for any info! Happy Hiking!
  11. TOW's Avatar
  12. Cuppa Tea's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. I will be hiking there in May and will be looking for the spring!
  13. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Thanks! We'll see how far I can get this year.
  14. attroll's Avatar
    Great video. Thank you.
  15. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kenbrenner
    Nice video Kaptain, thanks for sharing...
    . thanks kenbrenner!
  16. kenbrenner's Avatar
    Nice video Kaptain, thanks for sharing...
  17. paule's Avatar
    Love your videos and hope to see more.Congrats on 25 years....
  18. paule's Avatar
    Fantastic,great video
  19. Kaptainkriz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sheriff Cougar
    I like it!
  20. Sheriff Cougar's Avatar
    I like it!