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  1. Change in Departure Date - Twice

    Since March of this year I planned to depart Springer Mountain on 06 Feb 2017. Polka Dot caused me to reconsider that date - iteratively. After she told Coach that she wanted to complete the GA Section this year and that she saw my schedule as a possible match, he contacted me. As he often does. After a call or three I gradually saw the light - up to then I was a one-man team. To meet Polka Dot's work scheduled and hike window I elected to start a day earlier and slow my initial pace - but only ...

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  2. Peachtree City Trails via GAIA

    Last Friday (and two weeks after extolling the value of an exercise program I found for hiking and mountaineering) I pulled a calf muscle on the last set of hill climbers. Great - nothing like two up and one back. As a consequence, I had to cancel a Saturday hike on the Peachtree City (PTC) trails with Polka Dot, my cycling coach's wife.

    Following six days of RICE, I returned to the PTC trail along and enjoyed a relatively short hike with gear. The link here was the outbound leg; a ...
  3. “I'd like to have two armies…” and two blog-sites

    When I was a student at the Un-College in the early 70s, I took an elective course called Revolutionary Warfare. The intriguing book “The Centurions” by Jean Lartéguy was required course reading. It contains the oft quoted passage, “I'd like to have two armies”.

    Likewise, I’d like to have two blog-sites: one to contain pithy posts of other bloggers and anecdotes like my “Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable” that are not specifically part of my hike. The other would be ...
  4. "Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable”

    I mentioned over breakfast last Friday that there was an outside chance that I might not be able to attend a planned family gathering in July, 2017. Because, I added, in February 2017 I intended to hike in the woods for a couple of months - and that I had been planning the trip since March, 2016. (That pre-dated the scheduling of the family event by at least four months.) I told them that I had created a blog to let interested folks follow my adventure. I backed up in the narrative to note that ...

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  5. Entry on 2017 Thru-Hike Registry

    Quoted for reference to his departure date in early February 2017. Might meet him along the way. Found on 2017 Thru-Hike Registry.

    Quote Originally Posted by Doors1Fan View Post
    No trail name yet - my nickname is Lizard

    North to South Approach trail yes. Start as early as Feb. weather depending...

    I just found out I am getting laid off from the TELCO after 20 years. Always said I would hike the AT if I ever got fired or laid off LOL

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