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  1. SNP Ridge Runner Blissful's Unsolicited and Ill-Informed Opinion

    On 04 July, while descending from Mary’s Rock in the SNP, Jax Dad encountered ridge runner Ms. Bliss. Following mutual greetings of “Happy Fourth of July”, she commented on his red, white and blue equipment/garb and proceeded to examine his gear from a distance of several feet. A discussion then ensued about his trail experience to date. In that discussion Jax Dad remarked that he found the hike pure drudgery; it was one step after another with little opportunity to observe more than where the next ...

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  2. Last Mile

    I rejoined the trail on 01 June following yet an other injury - big toe tendinitis that led to new boots that led to PF that led to new boots that created arch issues that led to new boots: Lowa made in Germany and purchased at REI in Atlanta. Mixed in that calendar sequence was my father's funeral and minor surgery. All totaled a whopping 81-days off trail.
    i resumed the hike at Uncle Johnny's hostel and carried on for a total of 126 hiking days. All was chronicled at https://hikewithjaxdad.wordpress.com/. ...

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