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  1. a trip to the past

    A friend asked what lead me to the Appalachian trail so i want to add this story to my journal .In 1975 when i was 10 me and my dog would spend hours in the woods behind my house .Mom would pack us lunch fill our canteen and we would be off on our adventures. One night my dad gave me a book it was trail guide to the Appalachian trail it was full of maps stories of the trail ,From that day forward me and my faithful dog would spend ...
  2. planing a journey

    i am not a stranger to the trail 2012/2013 i hiked GA parts of NC then VA in the first week of April 2017 i will leave from GA to the trail and go as far as my feet will carry me then i hope to be a thru hiker i know it is not an easy task .but it is one i dreamed of for a very long time.and i will give it my all.till then happy trail my trail brothers and sisters