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  1. 2010 TH Companion PDF Available

    Quote Originally Posted by Skidsteer View Post
    Here is the entire doc in one file:
    Thank you. That will be easier to work with on the pc. However, it will load too slowly on the E-reader. For that it will be easier to work with the current section.
  2. Questions from the class of 2020.....

    Personally I like your thinking. We own an RV a nice one in fact a 34' pusher. My wife doesn't drive it and doesn't want to. So, I'm doing the hike, and she's going to meet me periodically for a long weekend, and to resupply. I'm hiking this year. She'll pick me up in the car we'll motel it, and she'll drop me off back at the trail head.

    Based on the research I've done, You could probably do ok in the North East, but you'd have to camp your way through the 100 mile wilderness ...