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  1. Kc Fiedler's Avatar
    If you can provide hikers with a more useful product then I think you should go for it.
  2. neighbor dave's Avatar
    take 'er easy on the knee troll, as you probably know the start of the A.T. is a full on parade of the walking wounded. low mileage to start is a good thing.
    i know someone who walked all the way to damascus with a painful knee, after the brace came off it was katahdin or bust, and yes she made it. you can too!!
  3. attroll's Avatar
    I got the tattoo for two reasons. I am thru hiking this year and also because I am the owner of WhiteBlaze so it only seems appropriate to get the WhiteBlaze logo.
  4. Sassafras Lass's Avatar
    GREAT tattoo! Love the color, love the symbol. My husband's considering getting one after our thru next year. What inspired your tattoo?
  5. Shovelhead's Avatar
    Hey Troll,
    Just itchen for April 1st start date to arrive.
    Hope to see ya out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  6. doda man's Avatar
    When you get to Maryland the trail should be well maintained. I work with PATC and the South Mountaineers. Have a safe and enjoyable hike. See ya on the A/T
  7. Chaco Taco's Avatar
    Good luck dude.
  8. Tuney's Avatar
    I'm wondering the same things Rick. I live in North GA, and I'm trying to get in at least 2 more shakedown hikes before I leave for CT in April. But I'm still waiting for a weather forecast that gives me at least 3 days with temps above freezing before I go out there again. My pack is packed and weighed in. Ready to go on a moments notice.

    However, I'm planning on enjoying myself while I'm on the trail. I can tell you hiking in the wind and mist and fog in December wasn't fun, and there weren't even any good views.
  9. SurferNerd's Avatar
    I leave Feb28. It's about costs for me, I'd have to shell out another month of rent to remain around longer, plus gas, food, and other items that are eating into valuable hiking dollars.
  10. Tuney's Avatar
    I just finished reading Winton Porter's book and checking out some articles in Backpacker magazine and it seems he thinks long john pants with shorts over them is better than zip offs.

    Personally I like hiking in my nylon zip offs. So far I've used my long john uppers, but never the pants.
  11. whistle dixie's Avatar
    i'm planning to leave feb 21 i'm thinking i have to pack a little more gear but plan on taking 2 weeks off when i get to the smokys and who knows might need to take more time than that but garantee i wil finish the trip with the lord willing. does anybody have any tips for someone like me leaving this early
  12. moytoy's Avatar
    Two other things come to mind.

    1 Maybe to have some solitude.
    2 Or maybe to test their metal.
  13. Dancin Free's Avatar
    I wholly agree with your thoughts here. Alot of comments on the tenner list in my emails about pruist hikes, blue blazes, slackpackin, some liken it other not. Some doin the approach, others not etc. Most with pretty strong thoughts. I agree with those who say be flexible,enjoy the hike and where you are each minute. Enjoy the views and at least some of the special side tracks mentioned in the guide books. Don't ever count on having time to do it later.
    O yes and don't forget the joy of joining the pack.
  14. Shovelhead's Avatar
    Hi Attroll,

    I was just laughing reading you post. I have hair down almost to my belt, and I have always had long hair,but I figured it would be a pain to deal with on the trail(my wife always braids it for me now),so I made plans with a friend who's a hairdresser to cut most of it off to donate to locks of love.You need at least 10" to donate, I have way more than enough. I think next weekend is time to cut!!! OH NO!!!
  15. Shovelhead's Avatar
    Slightly Freaked myself, start date 4/1/10
    good luck see ya out there
  16. ShelterLeopard's Avatar
    See ya soon troll, my two month count down began a week and a half ago.
  17. rtappan's Avatar
    I hiked in 1997 and started with a friend. I think we both needed the comfort/security of the other, but once we hiked about 150 miles or so realized that we'd be ok and split up. I agree with you wanting to start hiking slow. the best advice I can say is don't set a really strenuous schedule becasue your body will need time to aclimate. My ankle really started to nother me coming into virginia and the other hikers who saw me thought I was a goner for sure. I took a few days of in a motel and really took it easy for a few days (with lots of pain killers) and I made it through. Just don't push your body too hard at first.
    One thing I recommend about gear; call each and every company that makes the gear you are bringina nd ask them what kind of service they will provide if something happens. Sierra designs, merrell, and llbean were absolutely awesome in their support. I would hike the entire trail with llbean gear if I had to do it again just because they were so good. Same with merrell.

    Good luck, and have fun. I live in VA so when your coming through, give me a shout!