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  1. Approach Trail Arch

    Photos at the arch prior to starting out.Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Approach Trail- Day 0

    Caught the shuttle from Atlanta to Amicalola Falls State Park. After a quick lesson on the trail in Georgia, a few photos at the arch and filling up with water, I was off.

    The 600+ stairs to start off were no joke! For me, it was an extremely short day, which ended at the Amicalola Falls Lodge. With the clocks jumping forward and 3- hour time zone change, I need an extra night of relative comfort.
  3. It Begins

    At long last, final preparations are being made for my Appalachian Trail journey! Iíll fly to Atlanta, GA on Monday, 3/15/21. After a night there, Iíve got a shuttle arranged with Ron Brown, who will take me to Amicalola Falls State Park. The plan is to have him drop me at the arch where the Approach Trail starts. After climbing the 600+ stairs up the falls, Iíll spend the night at Amicalola Falls Lodge before continuing on up the Approach Trail on the 17th. Depending on how Iím feeling when ...