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  1. Hello !

  2. Completing the AT In My Lifetime

    They say "Life is what happens, while you are planning your life"

    If there is something you want to do , find a way to do it. That is what is important.

    Take a week off without pay per yr, and then do it in 10 yrs.
    Take a month off without pay each yr and do it in 5 yrs

    What do you want to look back on when you are 65, your job, or the things you did in life.?
  3. Getting Ready

    I'm looking forward to try the AT once more. Being hard headed, I will start again at Springer even though I've done this section a couple of times. Hopefully I'll avoid injury this time. (Torn ACL the firstime and a foot infection the second time.) I hope to start on the 21st of April. Wanted to get an earlier start, but my nephew's daugther is getting married, and I won't miss the wedding, even for the AT. See me on the trail, say Hi. Cheap Suit will be joining later during the hike. He ...
  4. 6 Days!

    Leaving philly in 6 days cant wait! I had all my gear ready but this weather is changing what im going to bring. Really I have no idea any more of how hot its gonna be down there. Switched to a lighter rain coat i just ordered, and a liner pair of smartwool gloves. Hope i dont regret these changes.
  5. Transportation Questions

    Hello all,

    I'm planning a section hike from Springer to Fontana Dam with a start date of April 1. I hope to reach Fontana Dam around April 15 or 16.

    I have found a person who does shuttles from either Bryson City or Fontana to Knoxville Airport which seems to be the closest airport with service back to Boston.

    My question is if I have to pull off the trail before either Bryson City or Fontana, what is the best way back to Atlanta or Knoxville? If I have ...
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