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  1. Best/Most Useful/Coolest Backping Tips That You Learned??

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    I thought everyone used a designated "p" bottle for tenting.....I wouldn't trust an empty Mountain House bag....
    Im with ya on that. I carry a peanut butter jar with me just for that. It sux getting up sometimes twice in the middle of the night just to take a leak after hiking 20 miles. Or laying there thinking, " I have to pee, but don't want to get out of my warm bag." Problem solved. That's my second biggest tip after cutting off toothbrush.
  2. NOAA high elevation forecasts

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    In the Northeast, the NOAA "higher summits" forecasts are invaluable, because they tell you what to expect in the mountains, rather than in the towns. Ones pertinent to the A-T include:

    Caribou, ME Katahdin, Cadillac, Moosehead Lake

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  3. ATC Map List

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    There are 37 official ATC map sheets. The article lists the map titles and latest revision dates.
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  4. 2 man Tarptent

    SOLD 10/11/13

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    I have a 2 man Tarptent (probably 5 years old) and gently used 3 times hence my reason for selling it. All you need is an adjustable hiking stick for the entrance. All netting is in excellent shape. No tears or rips. First $125 takes it (includes shipping). Weight 2#.

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  5. Returning to the AT for a N. TN / SW VA Section Hike

    I can not wait for the next week to go by.
    On 10/16 I will be bringing 4 "newbies" to the AT. My two sons, a fellow Scout leader, and his son. None of them have hiked on the AT, We have been doing 15-25 mile overnighters for a few months now, and this one is just under 40 miles in 4 days NOBO, ending in Damascus, VA.

    The boys are pumped up, and looking forward to some beautiful autumn experiences off-the-grid.

    Happy Trails!