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  1. On AT

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    Heading to Franklin, NC from Hiawassee new on trail started from Springer Oct.19th I hope to get there within 6 days-I am a service-connected disabled Army veteran I have passed the lion killers couple coming from Maine thursday their 2 friends were rescued from the Rockys' I plan to break for the worst of winter at Franklin-walked into hunter directly on the trail near the Deep gap which made me feel very uncomfortable about how he pointed the weapon- he fired ...
  2. Letís see what happens

    Nov 9, 2012

    My weight is 288 and seem to be lingering right there. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner my weight loss goal is going to be even harder.Got to go see my friend in Mississippi at the hunt club and was able to walk around a little but I didnít want to disturb the hunters at the club. Well that is about the progress for now, so letís see what happens.
  3. Daily Hygeine Habits

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    I am doing a thru hike in April 2013. Never been backpacking. Periods can be tough. Have not seen any advice on here from women on how they deal with this?
  4. On a budget food for my thru SOBO?

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    I am going SOBO in July 2013 and need to keep my food budget on the cheap. Plan to supply on the go. How much should I put aside for each day and what is good, cheap and readily available down the whole trail? I am trying to keep my purchase food budget to $2500 or less for the entire thru (not including any resteraunt meals).
  5. Next Step

    Hello Again Everyone,

    Today I took my next step, I joined a gym. It is November 6 and by June 6, 7 months from now, I will go from my current weight of 345 to no more than 225. I will put everything I can into getting ready for this hike. This will be my first hike but I do not plan for it to be my last. This is not just about doing something huge it is about changing my life.

    Ok, maybe it is actually becoming what I was one more time. When I was younger, in my teens ...