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  1. Wimpy hike even by MY standards

    Over the years, as I have done 1172 miles via section hikes, Iíve made no secret of the wimpiness of my hikes. Iíve made it a point to avoid bad weather, large crowds, uphill walks (ie, I start my hikes at roads as high as can be driven to), days with lots of elevation changes, and hiking more than twelve miles in a day. Iím not the most ambitious backpacker, and sometimes my efforts to avoid difficulties have gone awry, but this combo HAS allowed to do achieve more miles than most people. This ...
  2. Mountain Hardwear Super Plasmic Jacket Review

    The plasmic is an excellent shell. The sleeves have a velcro closure for fast adjustment.

    The jacket layers well with a puffy or fleece layer underneath and runs fairly true to style.
    The athletic cut allows for movement.

    The shell is excellent at breathing, as far as a hard shell goes in the southeast's humid climate.
    The shell has no gor-tex material, but uses mountain hardwear's Dry Q evap technology. ...
  3. REI Half Dome 2 Tent Review

    3 season
    2 person
    4lb 15 oz
    6" x 21" packed
    40" peak height
    2 doors
    3 poles

    Why I like it:
    The tent is comfortable and durable, with plenty of room where you want it. It's excellent quality for an amazing price.

    The tent stays put whether pitched atop a windy mountain or in a storm. Made of ripstop nylon and 70D fabric (floor), the tent stays put. ...
  4. Marmot Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag Review

    I love my sleeping bag. I got it for my birthday a couple years ago and it rocks.

    30 degree bag. Comfort rating 33.3 degrees. Lower limit 23 degrees. Extreme limit -7.9 degrees.
    75 inches interior length.
    58x58x38 (shoulder, hip, foot)
    100% polyester
    3 lbs 5.9 oz

    Why I like it:
    The bag is comfortable, with wiggle room in the right places. It keeps you warm on cold nights, and can be used in warmer weather ...
  5. Why you need an REI membership...

    I've recently started working at REI and I love it!

    REI is a co-op. And sells membership.

    For a one time $20 membership fee, you too can become a member for a lifetime.

    Here's a few reasons why to join:

    It's $20
    You get 10% back on eligible purchases each year in dividend form
    The garage sell is members only which sells returned stuff for up to 80% off
    Coupons, special deals, etc...holler!
    Discounted ...