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  1. Crawford Notch NH to Rangeley ME Route 4 6/30 a 7/21 2017

    by , 08-02-2017 at 08:21 (Katahdin to Kakadjo Road ME October 3-9, 2018 din)
    6:00 am RIC Jet Blue 381
    $314.30 ea
    Arrived 7:35 am
    Concord Bus to N Conway
    Departed 9:25 am arrived11:15 am $31 each; shuttle at 1:00 from Bruce 504-615-9497 $35/2 to the Barn in Gorham. Reservations for 6/30 and 6/5 at the Barn.
    June 30 Travel Day to Gorham NH go to the Libby House 603-466-2271 or 603-724-6129 Paul provided ride to US 2. Hiking South to Imp.
    0. July 1 US 2 to Imp Shelter 8 miles ($8 fee) This was a rocky steady climb to a descent ...
  2. It's gotta be the shoes!

    My last blog made note of the fact that I made exceptionally good time (well, at least for ME) during the hike. Since this was my first hike of the year indeed, my first back-pack in almost 22 months I doubted it could have been my building up strength over the summer. So I had to wonder is there something causing me to gain speed in my hikes?
    An epiphany soon hit me, and my reaction was like the 1989 ad campaign ...

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  3. Maybe I'm NOT like Officer Murtaugh!

    In the Lethal Weapon movies series, a running gag concerns Murtaugh, a police officer in his fifties. After getting into a highly dangerous situation, he would moan, Im getting too old for this stuff, (the actual line doesnt use stuff), and then Murtaugh would go right back into danger. Many times over the last few years, as I found it harder & harder to achieve even adequate daily mileage on The Trail, this line kept coming back to me and, just like Murtaugh, Id go right back to doing ...

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  4. Non-free Standing tent in the Whites

    I am currently thruhiking the AT and am just finishing MA. Someone from NH told me I was going to have trouble using my Zpacks Duplex in the Whites on their tent pads because it is not free standing. I have used it on a wooden tent pad in MA and was able to make it work. I know that Zpacks sells the poles needed to make it free standing but I'd rather not spend $125 for this option and carry the extra weight. Can I get some feedback on using a Duplex on the tent pads in NH/the Presidential range? ...
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  5. March 1, 2020 [3Jul17]

    ,,, because I like to plan ahead ...

    2020 metaphor for fore-sight [?]

    I had the pleasure of reading Awol's, Grandma's, and Earl's hiking adventure in '16 (seems so long ago) and got the bug. Then LIFE struck. Now it's almost nine months later and a very good friend brought up the subject: my dream got reignited!

    There is plenty of time for me to test some essential gear, learn a few things, start drawing social security, retire from work, then go for a walk. ...

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