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  1. Its Official! and a Brief introduction

    Today I told my boss about my plans to hike the AT in its entirety. I don't know what I really expected but things didn't go as well as I had hoped or as bad as I feared. He was more supportive than I expected while still trying to convince me to put it off a few more years. I am holding onto the part where he said "if it is something you want, then you HAVE to do it." He was referring to the future but April IS the future.

    Any way I AM doing this! I told myself a couple years ...

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    AT Thru
  2. Preparation for 2016 Walk

    I read so many journals a couple of years ago and spent hours reading here as well as reading my books about hiking the AT, but I had to start focusing on my job and my family. Now I feel almost like I am starting over. It seems as though the AT is no longer the AT I have read about. I hope all the negative hype I am now seeing is an exaggeration.
    In any case, the time has come. We decided to do it a year early, thinking that we will be lucky to be able to complete the walk at our age ...

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  3. I may have scared myself a bit

    Maybe I need to stop reading everyone else's blogs and posts and comments, because they make it seem as though this is a VERY EXPENSIVE endeavor and I'll never be able to afford to do it.

    I need to remind myself that I'm only planning on doing a small section. That I don't need top-of-the-line gear, especially if it turns out that I hate it (doubtful). I need to remind myself that I can MAKE a lot of the things I'll need -- I have a sewing machine, a ton of webbing and straps and clips ...
  4. Continued Training

    We went to our favorite park, Red Mountain, yesterday. Let the dogs run in the enclosed dog park before the hike to let Gypsy work off her nervous "I'm riding in the car OMG!" energy and then went onto the trail. She's now wearing the backpack, although it's probably not going to make the trek on the AT: it's too small, old and starting to fall apart. But for a pack that's a good 10 years old, it's allowed to die. She's just getting used to the idea of wearing a pack over her harness and ...
  5. Step Two: Start training

    Easier said than done. But as I'm posting to this journal, it's a journey of one step after the other. One step at a time.

    Training for someone like me -- overweight, chronic pain, occasional balance problems -- is a very slow and arduous process. Add to that, I also need to train the dogs. I guess this is where I express my gratitude that I am owned by a Gypsy. She pushes me, nay, FORCES me to get up, get going, GO. Joker will happily snooze away the day with me in bed. He's used ...
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