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  1. Maybe I'm NOT like Officer Murtaugh!

    In the Lethal Weapon movies series, a running gag concerns Murtaugh, a police officer in his fifties. After getting into a highly dangerous situation, he would moan, Im getting too old for this stuff, (the actual line doesnt use stuff), and then Murtaugh would go right back into danger. Many times over the last few years, as I found it harder & harder to achieve even adequate daily mileage on The Trail, this line kept coming back to me and, just like Murtaugh, Id go right back to doing ...

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  2. Adding miles when I get the chance

    I started 2015 with some hope that Id be able to get some miles both in Southwest VA and in the Whites. However, because I make a real effort to avoid walking for more than two days (out of five) in the rain, I always check weather forecasts to ensure that the area, in which I plan to hike, will be acceptably rain-free. Sadly, I just didnt get a lot of weeks like that for the two areas Id like to hike in leading to significantly fewer hiking miles than I would have preferred. Thus, upon seeing ...