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  1. Change in Departure Date - Twice

    Since March of this year I planned to depart Springer Mountain on 06 Feb 2017. Polka Dot caused me to reconsider that date - iteratively. After she told Coach that she wanted to complete the GA Section this year and that she saw my schedule as a possible match, he contacted me. As he often does. After a call or three I gradually saw the light - up to then I was a one-man team. To meet Polka Dot's work scheduled and hike window I elected to start a day earlier and slow my initial pace - but only ...

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  2. 2015 Thru-Hike Registry

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    Time to make it official all you 2015ers!

    Trail Name

    Estimated Start Date
    Approach Trail - yes or no
    any additional info that you want the world to know

    There's no turning back now! If you have the opportunity you might consider going to Trail Days this year. There are usually lots of gear vendors . . . .

    If anything changes, please update via a reply to this thread or send me a PM.

    After you have completed
  3. NOBO in March - getting ready

    Less than a month stands between me and the AT!! A few q's for you folks who have done it already..

    What kind of weather should I be expecting in the southern portion during mid March? I plan on bringing a down jacket and lots of layers. Sleeping in a hammock w/ an insulation system. Hoping that's warm enough?

    Also, how much water are folks carrying at any one time? I was thinking 2L and then get to water by dinner for cooking. This should work for at least the southern
  4. Springer on the 27th.

    Eight days ago my mom told me that either I have a job by the 27th, or I take her credit card, get the gear I need to replace the things that broke last year and be on the Appalachian Trail by then. So, completely unexpectedly, I find myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off (much like last year) trying to get everything set up for me to be able to leave my entire life (even my name) behind for 6 more months, all within 10 days. It’s surprisingly easier to say goodbye this year. ...